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Focus on key metrics As well as showing the bigger picture, Geckoboard’s TV dashboards let your team check specific support metrics like CSAT, first response time, and current queue size, so they can get a feel for what’s “normal,” decide what to focus on, and own the work without you needing to nudge them.

Focus on key metrics

Prevent problems Problems can sometimes go unnoticed, but with Geckoboard your team can see how busy things are at any given time across different channels, spot potential bottlenecks, and prevent problems before they get out of hand.

Prevent problems

Stay energized Listing your star agents on the dashboard is a great way to energize your team as it introduces a bit of friendly competition, inspires the whole team to raise the bar, and lets them celebrate success.

Stay energized

Feel valued Customer Success teams deserve recognition, so with a TV dashboard you can shine a light on the unsung heroes, thank them for doing a great job, and show the whole company what a difference they make.

Feel valued
  • With Geckoboard the agents have their hard work acknowledged, the company has a better appreciation for what we do, and everyone’s moving towards a common goal.
    Cory Archer, Director of Support, Databank
  • The dashboard shows us live information on things like how many agents are online and how many calls are in the queue. This is invaluable since it tells us when there’s a spike and we need to, for example, shift more agents from email to phone.
    Johann Loibl, Head of Customer Services, Zip Co

Key features:

  • Everything in one place

    Everything in one place

    See live metrics from across the Zendesk Suite on a single dashboard, alongside metrics from other tools like Twitter, Pingdom, and Google Analytics.

  • Clean visualizations

    Clean visualizations

    Use our beautiful visualizations to help your team understand their data instantly and from a distance.

  • Dashboard loops

    Dashboard loops

    Cycle through several dashboards on one screen with our loop option.

  • Seamless setup

    Seamless setup

    Get Geckoboard on your TV in seconds using just your laptop, or set it and forget it with our Chrome OS app.