Zendesk Support Dashboard

Geckoboard’s live Zendesk dashboards give data-driven Customer Success teams an easy-to-understand large screen view of key ticket metrics that help them deliver a delightful customer experience throughout their day.

Geckoboard connects directly with your Zendesk Support account and 60+ other tools so you can easily build TV dashboards using live data and start improving the metrics that matter to your team.

With a TV dashboard, your team’s key metrics are no longer buried in a browser tab, email or drill-down report. They become highly-visible and are always accessible throughout the day to allow everyone in the team to identify issues quickly, monitor live ticket volume, improve productivity and keep on track to hit goals.

Example Metrics:

Number of tickets

Visualize how many tickets are in your backlog at any given time or filter by ticket tag, assignee, group, brand, priority and more to monitor the volume of specific types of ticket.

First reply time

Easily see how fast the team is responding to tickets throughout the day.

Satisfaction rating

Put your live customer satisfaction score front and centre to keep the team focused on delivering excellent service.

First resolution time

Improve how long it takes to get customers a response they’re satisfied with.

Key features

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