Digital marketing dashboard example

Digital marketing dashboard example

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Who is a this dashboard for?

A digital marketing manager and the wider marketing team.

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Why is a digital marketing dashboard useful?

Marketing Performance Dashboards are an effective way to get your team on the same page and focused on meeting your company’s goals. A digital marketing dashboard is especially helpful for creating a holistic view of how all online marketing activities are performing.

The example above gives a snapshot of what a hypothetical online marketer’s KPI dashboard would look like. This particular marketing team is interested in understanding how their audience is engaging with all online content and touch points.

How can a digital marketing dashboard help you achieve your business goals?

The advantage of visualising all your key metrics on a dashboard is that you can get instant validation of your actions. This template helps the digital marketing team to keep an eye on important website, social media and newsletter metrics.

Website metrics

In the upper left corner, is a simple number widget indicating website sessions this month. This data comes from the Geckoboard Google Analytics integration. This widget includes the monthly goal in the lower right corner (1M) with a percentage tracking progress so far this month.

The widget to the right indicates current website visitors (how many people are on their site right now), also pulled from Google Analytics. The number in grey at the bottom of the widget indicates this digital marketer’s visitor goal of 600 visits. When the data tips above the goal number, the widget will be highlighted green. With this widget, you can set a goal range - in this case, it’s set to 0 and 1,000, respectively.

To the right of that, we have the website bounce rate from Google Analytics, indicating the percentage of visitors who are leaving the website immediately. This widget also shows the percentage change from the previous seven days.

On the far right-hand side of the online marketing dashboard is a widget showing the top traffic sources - that is, where visitors are coming from. This is helpful for understanding who your audience is and where they’re discovering your content.

Social media metrics

To the right of the website bounce rate is another number widget indicating how many Facebook Page views your Page has had in the past seven days, taken from the Geckoboard Facebook widget. The number below the current, real-time number is how many Facebook Page views this marketer had the previous seven days, indicating positive change (green) or negative (red).

To the right of the Facebook widget is one indicating the total number of Twitter followers this company has. The number on the bottom of the widget shows the number gained (or lost) from the previous day. This data is pulled from the Geckoboard Twitter integration.

At the very bottom of this metrics dashboard is a live feed of the latest tweets from the brand’s Twitter account. With our Twitter integration, you can make a feed from any Twitter search of a @user, #hashtag, or key term.

Newsletter metrics

Above the live tweet feed, on the second row of this dashboard, you have three widgets monitoring newsletter performance activity. To the left, is the number of List Subscribers and list growth visualized by a line chart. This particular widget was created with the Geckoboard Mailchimp integration, but Geckoboard also integrates with other email software including Campaign Monitor and SendGrid.

The two widgets to the right of that, allow this marketer to track newsletter average open rate and newsletter average click rate - with goal tracking. By monitoring these metrics in real-time, you can get a quick view of how your latest campaign is performing and what action needs to be taken to meet your goal.

Want to dive deeper?

If you’re looking for a marketing KPI dashboard that dives deeper into social media analytics, check out our Social Media Monitoring Dashboard example.

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