Marketing dashboard example

Marketing dashboard example

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Who is a digital marketing dashboard for?

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), VP of Growth or Digital Marketing Manager.

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Why is a marketing dashboard useful?

Marketing is a core business function which enables a company to reach an audience, convert it into customers and build advocacy. It spans across a diverse range of activities such as customer acquisition, conversion optimization, product positioning and brand awareness. To achieve success, teams across all of these areas track specific KPIs.

Marketing Dashboards come in many different styles and you can customise them to focus on the KPIs that are important to your business.

To give you some examples:

Marketing Performance Dashboard Looks at specifics around the sales funnel and measures performance through a defined set of criteria from lead to final sale conversion.

Web Analytics Dashboard Focuses on your analytics data, detailing for example specific numbers around bounce rates, time on site, number of referrers and most active cities.

Social Media Marketing Dashboard Contains all of the metrics from your key social networks, shares, engagements, followers and the like.

Digital Marketing Dashboard Focuses on monitoring marketing performance across channels. As the CMO, you want to get an understanding of the effectiveness of your overall marketing efforts across channels. This dashboard tracks key digital marketing metrics to help you identify opportunities and address threats.

If you’re looking to answer more specific questions around your AdWords campaigns, this Adwords dashboard is right for you.

How can a digital marketing dashboard help you achieve your business goals?

Identifying, attracting and converting the right audience is at the core of every marketing or growth team. While the tactics may differ, the expected outcomes and the key metrics used to measure them are largely similar. For you, as the CMO, it boils down to optimizing your investment to attract and convert the maximum amount of users.

From an acquisition point of view, there are a few key web analytics metrics which will help you track your success across marketing channels. Any changes that you notice at this stage will help you adjust your strategy. For example:

Scenario 1: Has the volume of users decreased and bounce rate increased?

Action: You should revise your acquisition strategy. You are struggling to attract the right audience and the users that do make it there don’t stay. If you’re using content to bring users to your website, review search queries and plan new content around your users’ searches. This SEO dashboard could help track your progress.

As a CMO, you also need to keep an eye on your spend against conversions across channels. Getting visibility of how effectively you are converting users across channels will impact your strategy. For example:

Scenario 2: Have you noticed an increase in cost per conversion and organic conversions have been on the rise?

Action 1: Consider optimizing your paid campaigns; revise the targeting or the keywords before investing more budget.

Action 2: Your organic efforts are paying off. Review your users’ search queries to identify new opportunities to create content and monetize those keywords.

Every CMO aims to maintain a balance between costs and conversions. However, in order to continue growing at a competitive pace, you should continue investing in your marketing efforts. For example:

Scenario 3: Have conversions plateaued and your LTV to CAC ratio is now 6?

Action: Usually marketers consider a ratio of 3 a healthy balance between revenue and spend, but this may differ based on your business model. Consider investing some of the revenue back into acquiring new customers to maximize your growth and stay ahead of your competition.

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