• Build KPI dashboards icon

    Can I build dashboards from the app?

    Not at the time being. To build or edit your dashboards, log in to your account from a browser.

  • Move widgets icon

    How do I rearrange metrics in the app?

    Press, hold then drag a metric visualization to rearrange. This only affects layout in app - the web view remains the same.

  • Android app icon

    Is there an app for Android?

    Geckoboard is currently only available on iOS 7 and above. Join our newsletter or subscribe to our What's New feed to find out about new product releases.

  • Custom styling icon

    Will my custom theme work with the app?

    Our default ‘Dark’ theme is available in the app. Custom CSS and our ‘Light’ theme are currently not supported.

  • Access dashboards icon

    What dashboards can be accessed from the app?

    Based on your user rights (Admin or Read-only), you’ll be able to view the same dashboards as your web view.

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    I have more questions! Where can I learn more?

    Read more about the app or get in touch with our friendly Customer Success team here.