Monitor KPIs with real-time Customer Service dashboards

Geckoboard is the simplest way for Customer Service leaders to build and share real-time KPI dashboards that improve team performance.

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Real-time data

Speed up response times and decision-making throughout the day.

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Friendly competition

Make performance against KPIs and SLAs unmissable. 

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Manage workflows

Distribute workload efficiently with a real-time overview.

FTR increased by 41%

“Our First Touch Resolution rate increased by 41% when we rolled out our dashboards”

AmirCustomer Service Directorat Global software company

Immediately reduced open tickets

“We immediately saw a reduction in the number of open tickets we had.”

Francis GwanduHead of Business Operationsat One Acre Fund

Why Geckoboard?

Geckoboard makes it easy to put real-time data in front of the whole Customer Service team.

How it works

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  1. 1. Connect your data

    Connect popular Customer Service tools such as Zendesk, Freshdesk and Klaus in a few clicks.

  2. 2. Design your dashboard

    Select the metrics you care about. Then use our drag and drop interface to design a dashboard that makes you look like a pro.

  3. 3. Make it unmissable

    Create a sharing link. Display on TV. View on mobile. Or schedule snapshots for email and Slack.

Product Features

Connect customer service tools

Geckoboard supports all the major Customer Service platforms (with 90+ data sources in total) allowing you to turn your most important metrics into professional dashboards within minutes.

Dashboard examples for Customer Service teams

Tania Guevherian

Team metrics motivating agents

“The dashboards take agents from being absorbed within individual workload to feeling like they’re all working towards the same goals.”

Tania GuevherianDeputy Customer Experience Managerat Jigsaw

Eyes on KPIs, wherever you work

Geckoboard has options to make sure that your key metrics are seen by everyone regardless of where they are.

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    Contact center

    Designed to look great on a big screen – get your KPIs in front of everyone with a TV dashboard in your contact center.

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    Remote/hybrid teams

    Access your dashboards from anywhere with sharing links, mobile view and scheduled snapshots for Slack and email.

Michael Brooke

97% reduction in dropped calls

“Dropped Calls each day have reduced by 97%”

Michael BrookeData Analystat Sycous

Geckoboard Vs Zendesk Explore

Geckoboard updates automatically, so you and your team can spot changes on your dashboard as they happen.

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