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Now I can find out what’s happening right from our dashboard

“I used to spend a lot of time pulling data from Zendesk Explore to find answers. Now I can find out what’s happening right from our Geckoboard dashboard.”

Mo ElsopkiHead of Customer Experienceat PeopleSafe

Build custom dashboards in under 15 minutes

Geckoboard integrates directly with Zendesk, to make visualizing live data from Support, Chat, Talk and Sell a breeze.

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Everyone started craving more

“When we started giving agents a little bit more visibility on the bigger picture, everyone started craving more.”

Jack Harrison-SherlockSenior Continuous Improvement Leadat Vend
  • Display Zendesk dashboards on TVs

    Display KPIs on TVs & big screens

    Easily monitor live Zendesk KPIs on TVs and large screens around your workspace. We’ve made it easy with simple, affordable hardware. Learn more

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    Quickly investigate changes in your data

    Something caught your eye? Explore different dimensions to your data, see the tickets involved, and click through to them in Zendesk. 

  • Mobile-friendly Zendesk dashboards

    Access on the go

    Access mobile-friendly versions of your Zendesk dashboards using a smartphone or tablet. Learn more

  • Zendesk notifications in Slack

    Get alerted in Slack when metrics change

    Connect Slack to Geckoboard to receive notifications immediately when something needs attention - from spikes in ticket or call volume, to hitting a CSAT target you’ve been working towards. Learn more

Need a faster Zendesk dashboard?

Geckoboard updates automatically, so you and your team can spot changes as they happen.

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90+ data sources

Geckoboard connects to over 90+ popular business tools, including spreadsheets. If you don’t see the data source you need, then get in touch. It’s often possible to connect your data via Zapier or our custom API.

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What Zendesk metrics can I track?

Geckoboard allows you to connect to Zendesk Support, Zendesk Chat, Zendesk Talk and Zendesk Sell through seperate integrations. If you’re using Zendesk Messaging or omnichannel routing, you can use Geckoboard’s standalone Zendesk Agent Status integration to monitor agent availability and workload across channels in real-time. Popular metrics that are supported include first reply time, full resolution time, ticket volume, unsolved tickets, unassigned tickets, top ticket solvers, CSAT, CSAT comment feed, SLA achievement rate, SLA breached tickets, tickets nearing SLA breach, chat volume, missed chats, chats by tag, chats in queue, average wait time, chats currently being served, current agent status, call volume, average time to answer, wrap up time, revenue, pipeline, sales leaderboards and more. Most metrics can also be filtered by the following dimensions to give even more precision - assignee, brand, channel, group, priority, status, tag or custom field. The best way to check if a specific metric is supported by our integration though is to try it for yourself. Alternatively, ask our friendly support team.

What sort of dashboards can I create?

Geckoboard is ideal for creating an up-to-date view of metrics you, your team or stakeholders should be regularly monitoring, which can include data from several sources. Examples might include dashboards for monitoring high level metrics from across your whole support operation, or more specific dashboards focused around metrics related to a specific number or even specific agents. For inspiration, check out our dashboard examples.

How real-time is Geckoboard’s Zendesk integration?

Zendesk Support widgets update every 10 minutes, Zendesk Chat every 1 minute, Zendesk Talk every 30 seconds and Zendesk Sell every 25 minutes for Call mentrics, and 30 minutes for Deal metrics. Zendesk Agent Status widgets update every 30 seconds. See this help article for refresh rates of all our other data sources.

Can I connect multiple Zendesk accounts?

Absolutely, and you can add metrics from different Zendesk accounts to the same dashboard too.

What sort of support does Geckoboard offer?

Geckoboard is designed to be easy for anyone to use without any training or complicated setup. To help along the way, we’ve put together useful articles answering common questions, and for anything else, our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand 24/5 to help you succeed with your dashboards, whatever time zone you’re in. Pro and Scale plans offer even snappier support, with priority support and dedicated support reps available.

How much does it cost?

You can try Geckoboard completely free for 14 days by signing up for a free trial - no payment details required. Plans then start from $39/month, with options for more dashboards, users and TVs on your account. View our pricing here.