Interactive dashboards from Geckoboard

Interactive view

You’ve created a KPI dashboard to monitor your most important metrics, from different data sources. Now, when you notice something has changed, you can quickly drill into that metric, and investigate why.

  • Geckoboard interactive view

    Quickly investigate changes in your data

    Drill in and explore different dimensions to your data, without needing to leave your dashboard. Your explorations don’t affect your dashboard either. Available for Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Shopify, Stripe, Zendesk Support.

  • Geckoboard source data view

    Access source data

    See what specifically is affecting a metric, click through to the source, and download source data as a .CSV for further analysis (available only on Zendesk Support and Shopify data sources).

Drill into trends

“Using the Interactive View within Geckoboard I can drill down more specifically into trends over extended periods of time and can download the source data on this if I need to work with information from elsewhere. It’s really handy.”

Josh HusIT Services Managerat Veho

90+ data sources

Raise awareness of key metrics by making KPIs easy to access and understand, wherever they’re stored.