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Need your remote teams to be more data-driven? Use Geckoboard to create and schedule automated KPI reports for Slack.

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Real-time customer service dashboards from Geckoboard Real-time customer service dashboards from Geckoboard

Managing remote teams is never easy – especially when it comes to sharing data and KPIs.

With Geckoboard, you can create attractive KPI dashboards that post regularly and automatically to your Slack channels.

Surface metrics from over 80 data sources, and present them in one place, so your team can see exactly what’s going on.

Why view analytics reports in Slack?

High-performing teams know their metrics inside-out; constantly bringing data into discussions and decision-making. They know their goals, and they know what they need to achieve.

But remote and hybrid working can cause teams to lose touch with their data.

Geckoboard stops this from happening by visualizing important metrics in the one space you know everyone will see – Slack.

How does it work?

Step 1: Connect your data

Connect Geckboard to over 80 data sources. It doesn’t matter whether your data is in a spreadsheet, a database, or a tool like Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Analytics or Shopify.

Geckoboard data source selection screen

Step 2: Build a dashboard

Build an awesome KPI dashboard using Geckoboard – the quickest and easiest dashboard builder on the planet.

CSAT dashboard

Step 3: Choose when to post to Slack

Schedule snapshots of your dashboard to post regularly to your Slack channels. Choose a day and at a time that suits you.

Share to slack

Other ways to share

You can invite colleagues to view real-time data in Geckoboard, or share dashboards in other ways. Display live dashboards on a TV, access via mobile, or schedule snapshots direct to your inbox.

TV dashboard

At a glance, everyone in our organization can instantly see how we’re doing. They don’t need to ask ‘how many orders did we ship today?’ – the answer’s right there on the dashboard.

Photo of Mike Johnson, President/COO at Locus Robotics
Mike Johnson
President/COO at Locus Robotics

The dashboards are a fundamental tool that we use to monitor the performance of the company and guide our team on a daily basis, in real time.

Photo of Romain Ogiela, Data Analyst at Casper
Romain Ogiela
Data Analyst at Casper

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The problem with other Slack analytics apps…

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    Updates lack visual impact

    People think visually. And if you want your metrics to get noticed, you need to communicate them with visual impact. Unfortunately, many Slack integrations are visually unengaging, and quickly become part of the furniture.

    Geckoboard presents KPIs in a way your team will notice.

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    They don’t bring KPIs together

    Often, the KPIs you want to visualize are stored in different places and different tools. Sharing these KPIs one-by-one – via a stream of different Slack alerts – makes it impossible for your team to see the full picture.

    With Geckoboard you can communicate all your most important KPIs using one, easy-to-understand dashboard.

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    Not everyone can access them

    Everyone in your team might have access to Slack, but not everyone owns a license for the business tools you use. That means team members can’t click on notifications created using these tools.

    With Geckoboard, your team can enjoy unlimited access to KPI dashboards via sharing links.

Who uses Geckoboard for Slack?

Remote, hybrid and global teams

It can be challenging to keep remote teams on the same page. Regular meetings (like standup or all-hands meetings) can keep your team aligned on most things, but it’s not the best forum to share data.

This dashboard has been designed by a Founder to keep everyone aware of company KPIs. It automatically posts to Slack every morning at 9am.

Saas dashboard example

Fast growing businesses

For startups and high-growth businesses, things move at break-neck speed. You need your team to be on top of KPIs, to keep up the momentum.

This dashboard (based on a system of goals called OKRs) is designed to do exactly that – keep your team oriented around a shared mission.

OKR dashboard

Sales teams

Every good sales manager knows their ABC – ”Always be Closing”. That’s because deals move quickly and the pipeline never stops.

This sales dashboard visualizes crucial pipeline data from Salesforce, HubSpot or Pipedrive. It posts to Slack on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

Salesforce dashboard

Ecommerce companies

Ecommerce businesses need to track metrics in lots of different places – Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram, to name a few.

Geckoboard speeds up the process by bringing KPIs from these platforms directly to your Slack channel in one easy-to-understand dashboard.

Ecommerce dashboard

Team leaders / line managers

Data dashboards support performance management by making your team aware of their performance levels, and by encouraging friendly competition.

You can also create individual performance dashboards to post to private channels, which include the team member and their manager.

Management dashboard

Customer Support teams

Customer Support teams often use Geckoboard to track live data from Zendesk or Aircall.

However, many CS teams also use Geckoboard to track longer-term KPIs, which post to Slack channels once or several times a week.

Call center dashboard