KPI dashboards in minutes – try a simpler Tableau alternative

Tableau might be the market-leading BI tool, but there are simpler tools you can use to create KPI dashboards. Don’t struggle in silence. If you need a hassle-free alternative to Tableau that will save you time and effort, then try Geckoboard.

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Connect direct to 90+ data sources

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Optimized for TV display

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Drag and drop dashboard builder

Loved by data-driven teams at businesses big & small

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Large, easy to read, and intuitive!

At a glance, everyone in our organization can instantly see how we’re doing. And it looks fantastic – large, easy to read, and intuitive!

Mike JohnsonPresident/COOat Locus Robotics

We reduced ‘Dropped Calls’ by 97%

Previously, data was only available to agents in monthly meetings. This all changed with a real-time dashboard – we reduced ‘Dropped Calls’ by 97%

Michael BrookeData Analyst & Zendesk userat Sycous

Huge impact on our sales

It has made a huge impact on our sales and our team’s psychology. There’s a big drive to hit targets on time.

Vaughn NewtonBusiness Development Managerat Dymatec

How it works

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  1. 1. Connect your data

    Choose from over 90 data sources and connect real-time data in a few clicks.

  2. 2. Design your dashboard

    Select the metrics you care about. Then use our drag and drop interface to design a dashboard that makes you look like a pro.

  3. 3. Make it unmissable

    Create a sharing link. Display on TV. View on mobile. Or schedule snapshots for email and Slack.

Product Features

90+ data sources

Geckoboard connects to over 90 popular business tools, including spreadsheets. If you don’t see the data source you need, then get in touch. It’s often possible to connect your data via Zapier or our custom API.







From $39 per month

Our sharing features mean unlimited viewers can access your dashboards.

From $42 per user per month

Viewer licenses are available for $15 per user per month.

Data sources



Connects to 90+ tools in real-time

Geckoboard directly integrates with over 90 cloud based business tools like Google Analytics, Shopify and Zendesk. No complex data processes required.

Designed for data warehouses

Tableau is mainly designed to be used with a data warehouse. That means most businesses will need to streamline and store their business data in a SQL database. The complexity of this process also means your data is unlikely to be refreshed in real-time.




No training required

You’ll be able to build your first dashboard in just a few minutes.

Specialists only

Tableau is a powerful BI tool – as a result, it’s designed to be used by analysts and data specialists.

Data analysis



No – it’s a KPI dashboard tool

That means it’s designed for visualizing, sharing and drilling into KPIs. But not for complicated analysis tasks – for this you will need a BI tool.

Yes – it’s a BI tool

Providing you have the specialist expertise to pull all your data together, Tableau is one of the leading tools for data modeling and analysis.

Optimized for TV




Our Send to TV feature makes it easy to display and manage your TV dashboards.

Not really

You will need to purchase additional digital signage software. Even then, Tableau dashboards will not be optimized for TV display unless they are especially designed.

Can I freely share my dashboard?



Yes – unlimited sharing

Sharing links mean you can share your dashboard with whoever you want. You can also set up Slack alerts and automated reports for email and Slack.

No – requires viewer licenses

If you want to share your dashboard, your users will need a Tableau viewer license at $15 per user, per month.