Geckoboard + Zendesk

TV dashboards from Geckoboard ensure your most important Zendesk® metrics and current targets are clear and visible throughout the day, enabling teams to quickly identify issues, see the impact of work in real-time, celebrate successes and keep on track to hit goals.

We cut our average customer support ticket response time in half by setting and visualizing our goals.

AJ Franchi, CIO, Gold Star Financial
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Why use Geckoboard with Zendesk®?

When you’re focused on delivering great service to your customers you don’t have time to dig through browser tabs, reports or emails to keep up to speed with important numbers.

That’s why we’ve built Geckoboard with one thing in mind - to make it easy for teams to focus on improving the metrics that matter with beautifully clear, up-to-the minute TV dashboards.

Example Dashboards

Designed for large screens and TVs

Geckoboards are designed to be effortlessly understood from a distance and easy to manage when displayed on a large screen or office TV.

Quickly & easily visualize your team’s performance

Connect your Zendesk account and start creating beautifully clear visualizations of key metrics with an interface that makes setup and ongoing updates so easy to use anyone can do it.

  • Zendesk column chart ticket visualization
  • Zendesk reply time visualization
  • Zendesk Geck-o-meter CSAT visualization
  • Zendesk ticket solver leaderboard visualization
  • Zendesk ticket column chart visualization
  • Zendesk ticket volume line chart visualization

Easy-to-understand visualizations

No distractions. No unnecessary complexity. No room for misinterpretation. Geckoboard’s visualizations are designed with one thing in mind: to make important metrics easy to understand in a glance.

Customize to match your brand

Easily add a logo and customize your dashboard’s theme to match your company’s brand, team colours or office decor.

Effortlessly display live metrics from Zendesk Support, Zendesk Talk and 60+ other services

Geckoboard pre-built integrations

Global Support

With comprehensive resources and best-in-class agents, help is always on hand, wherever you’re located.

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