Datasets API guide

In this section we'll run through how to work with the Datasets API data source to get your most important metrics on your dashboard

The Datasets API data source is a flexible and powerful way to get your data into Geckoboard. It does require a little more work up front than other native data sources but once this is done you’ll find it soon pays off.

You’ll find we have some dummy data available within the Datasets API data source to allow you to play about and see how things work before you connect your own - the dataset is named

To be able to connect data via the Datasets API data source you’ll need to:

  1. Write a script that connects to your data source and requests the required data.
  2. Create and push a dataset to Geckoboard that includes all the metrics you want to display.

For full details on how to get started with this, take a look at our documentation for Datasets API.

If you’d like to use Datasets API with Zapier, here’s how to do that.

Once you’ve selected your dataset you’ll find yourself within a visualization. From here you can customize your widget by changing the metrics, time value and time span, you can add filters to pull out specific data as well as adding goals or status indicators.

If you made it here you've covered everything you need to get you started building widgets with datasets API. If there's something we haven't covered here that you need help with, please take a look at our Help Center or drop our Support team a message.

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