Mixpanel guide

In this section we'll take you through how to work with the Mixpanel data source and how you can customize your widgets to get your most important metrics on your dashboard

Add a widget and select Mixpanel from the data sources list. Preview our list of pre-built widgets, select one then hit ‘Connect’.

If you’d like to add multiple accounts to Mixpanel, follow these steps:

When you select one of the pre-built widget options you’ll see that you have control over the metrics you can create.

Choose the event you’re tracking, apply a different time frame, visualize specific steps in a funnel, add goals, filter data to share more specific information, include comparison visualizations and tons more.

See the video below for a quick overview of ways to customize your Mixpanel widgets.

If you made it here you've covered everything you need to get you started building widgets with Mixpanel. If there's something we haven't covered here that you need help with, please take a look at our Help Center or drop our Support team a message.

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