Spreadsheets guide

In this section we'll run through how to work with the Spreadsheets data source to get your most important metrics on your dashboard

Hit +Add widget and select either Spreadsheets, Google Sheets or Excel from the data sources list. You’ll get a pop-up for the service you’ve chosen to connect where you’ll need to authorize the connection to Geckoboard. Once this is done you’ll see a list of spreadsheet files you can select to build your dashboard.

If you have spreadsheets saved across multiple accounts or users that you’d like to connect to your dashboard, follow the steps below.

If you have multiple databases you’d like to connect to Geckoboard, follow the steps below.

Once you’ve connected your spreadsheet to Geckoboard, you’ll then be able to begin selecting the data you need. Either drag the whole section you require or select sections individually to begin creating visualizations. Geckoboard will read the data you’ve selected and highlight the visualizations that are compatible.

Here’s a quick run through on selecting spreadsheet data and the visualization types that are available as a result.

Once you’ve selected a visualization type you can begin customizing your data further by adding goals or status indicators and formatting your numbers.

Here’s a quick look at how to apply these handy features.

Build visualizations that update dynamically

If you want your dashboard to update when your spreadsheet does you’ll need to set things up to update dynamically. Watch the quick video below with how to do this.

Apply goals that update dynamically

As above, your goals may change over time - here’s how to build dynamic goals into your dashboards.

Switch between row and column based data

With the click of a button, switch between row or column based data.

If you made it here you've covered everything you need to get you started building widgets with your spreadsheets. If there's something we haven't covered here that you need help with, please take a look at our Help Center or drop our Support team a message.

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