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In this section we'll run through how to work with the Intercom data source and how you can customize your widgets to get your most important metrics on your dashboard

Add a widget and select Intercom from the data sources list. Hit ‘Connect via Intercom’ and this will send you to Intercom to authorize the connection. From here you can continue to build and customize your widgets.

If you have multiple Intercom accounts that you’d like to connect to your dashboard, follow the steps below.

As well as the preconfigured options you’ll see when you go to add a new Intercom widget, there are many ways you can adapt your data so it shows exactly what you’re looking for.

Change the metric you’re tracking, the visualization type, apply a different time frame, and add filters to break out specific data such as state, created at, first action at, assignee and more.

See the video below for a quick overview of ways to customize your Intercom widgets.

Have you suddenly seen a spike in open tickets? Or perhaps a jump in your First Response Time?

With Interactive View you can investigate what’s happening behind the scenes without having to leave your dashboard.

Simply tap the magnifying glass icon on the metric you’d like to explore and you’ll be able to view different timeframes and breakdowns (such as team, tag, and priority). Dig into your data behind the scenes without having any effect on your live dashboard.

The video below highlights what’s possible when it comes to investigating data with Interactive View.

Get notified in Slack the minute your metric hits a ‘success’ or ‘warning’ value, even if you don’t have your dashboard open with KPI notifications.

All you need is an Intercom widget with a status indicator – we show you how to set these up in the video below.

Number of open conversations

To see the number of new conversations that are open at any given time, follow instructions below.

FRT per assignee

If it’s important for your team members to keep an eye on their First Response Time then highlighting their individual median FRT in a table or leaderboard can be helpful.

If you made it here you've covered everything you need to get you started building widgets with Intercom. If there's something we haven't covered here that you need help with, please take a look at our Help Center or drop our Support team a message.

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