Instagram Business guide

In this section we'll take you through how to work with the Instagram Business data source and how you can customize your widgets to get your most important metrics on your dashboard

Before you start, there are a few things you’ll need to check:

  1. Your Instagram account must be a business account - personal accounts won’t work
  2. Your Instagram needs to be connected to a Facebook page for the connection to Geckoboard to work. More details on how to connect the two here
  3. Make sure you have permissions for both Instagram and the Facebook page

If you have all of the above sorted, add a widget and select Instagram Business from the data sources list. Preview our list of pre-built widgets, select one, you’ll then be asked to connect your account. Give your account a name and hit ‘Connect via Instagram Business’. You’ll need to be logged in to Facebook to authorize the connection.

If you have multiple Instagram business accounts that you’d like to connect to your dashboard, follow steps below:

When you select to add an Instagram Business widget you’ll see you can choose from either Page Follower Count, Post Insights and Post Comment Feed. Page Follower Count and Post Comment Feed are pretty self-explanatory, they’ll highlight the number of followers your page has and the most recent comments on your posts.

Post Insights allows you to do a little more digging into the performance of individual posts. It’s worth noting that Post Insights are always based on the most recent post. We’ll take a look at how you’re able to customize this widget in the video below.

If you made it here you've covered everything you need to get you started building widgets with Instagram Business. If there's something we haven't covered here that you need help with, please take a look at our Help Center or drop our Support team a message.

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