Percentage of New Users

What is Percentage of New Users?

Percentage of New Users is the percentage of new users visiting vs the number of returning visitors who come to your online help center.

How to calculate Percentage of New Users:

New Users / Total Users = Percentage of New Users

Analytics tools such as Google Analytics make it very easy to track this number.


Looking at new vs returning users allows you to see what proportion of customers are turning to your help center for self-service support. If you find you have higher volumes of returning users, it may mean that your customers are unaware that your support center exists. If you have a higher volume of new users and few returning users, it could mean that your customer support center isn’t helpful, so your customers are turning to alternative support channels instead.


Percentage of New Users helps you identify if the issue is users not knowing about your self-service support or the support center not being good enough. However, to understand how to improve in either area you will like need to use qualitative measures such as user testing.