Percentage of Positive Votes

What is Percentage of Positive Votes?

Some help centers allow your customers to cast a vote on the helpfulness of an article. Percentage of Positive Votes helps you understand which articles are getting the most positive reactions.

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How to calculate Percentage of Positive Votes:

Number of Positive Votes / Total Votes = Percentage of Positive Votes

Popular help center apps such as Zendesk have built in functionality to allow article readers to vote on helpfulness.

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Looking at the percentage of positive votes helps identify which articles are most helpful. You can also review poorly performing articles and republish with better consistency. If you track your publishing/amendment dates you can also identify if changes are improving this metric. If an article fails to acquire positive votes even after several revisions, consider that it might be better served with human-to-human contact.


Many articles will have very low volumes of votes. In this scenario it is worth disregarding the results until you have a significant enough volume of votes to have valuable directional data about the quality of the article. Otherwise you may amend articles that have all negative votes early but would have gone on to be overwhelmingly positive if given the chance to acquire more votes.