Ecommerce dashboards - help your team react faster

React fasterThings change fast in ecommerce, so whether your website’s gone down, something’s changed in an ad auction, or you’ve launched a new campaign, a real-time TV dashboard will help your team react to issues quicker and seize opportunities.

React faster

Energize teamsWith so many ecommerce and analytics tools, metrics tend to get lost. Display all your key metrics on an ecommerce dashboard, so your team can easily understand what’s happening in the business, focus on goals, and feel energized by seeing the impact of their work.

Energize teams

Spark conversationsMost ecommerce tools are made for one person looking at the data, which isn’t great when you want to talk as a team. With an ecommerce dashboard on your TV, your whole team can discuss the data, and brainstorm new experiments to boost the metrics.

Spark conversations

Why use Geckoboard's ecommerce dashboard software?

  • Simple setup

    Simple setup

    Whether you’re a team leader or CEO, you can make your first ecommerce dashboard in minutes, and with over 60 integrations you can pull in all your existing tools without needing an engineer.

  • Unmissable metrics

    Unmissable metrics

    Make key metrics unmissable, and show your team how the business is doing, by displaying things like average order value, gross profit margin, and conversion rates on a TV dashboard.

  • Designed for TV

    Designed for TV

    Get your dashboard on a TV in seconds, with clear visualizations that can be seen from a distance, and a loop feature that lets you alternate different dashboards on one screen.

See how your peers are using our ecommerce dashboards

  • Just a five second look at my dashboard tells me if everything’s running smoothly. It also gives me the ability to stop a problem before it grows and turns into a real headache. This instant, live access to my most important metrics is what allows me to truly relax.
    Paul Kisiliuk, NIU Sushi
  • Geckoboard is a fantastic offering that really has revolutionized and sped up how we summarize and access large amounts of data. At a glance, everyone in our organization can instantly see how we’re doing. It's made everyone become smart on our business. And it looks fantastic – large, easy to read, and intuitive!
    Mike Johnson, Quiet Logistics