Shopify Dashboard Examples

What is a Shopify dashboard?

Shopify dashboards allow online sellers to view their most important Shopify store data in one place.

When managing an ecommerce store it’s common to be working with Shopify alongside other tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Klaviyo, and other platforms. You may also manage multiple Shopify stores which complicates your reporting.

By bringing online store metrics from Shopify together into a KPI dashboard you’ll be able to spot issues as they happen and save time spent reporting.

  1. Shopify Dashboard

    This dashboard brings key data from a Shopify store together into one place. It gives the store owner an overview of sales, best selling products, Average Order ValueAverage Order Value and even breaks out sales around a specific discount code.

    To help stay on top of potential issues, this dashboard also includes details of the unfulfilled orders from today alongside cancellations broken down into categories.

    • Focus area

      Sales revenue, best selling products, Average Order Value

    • Who looks at it?

      Ecommerce store owner, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager

    • How often?


    • Shopify
  2. Multiple stores dashboard

    There are many businesses who run multiple Shopify stores and need an overview of how each website is performing. This dashboard brings key data from two different stores together into one place to allow the team to view key data in one place, rather than having to switch between stores and reports within Shopify.

    Using a combination of data from Shopify , Google Ads , Google Analytics and Mailchimp the team are able to get a real-time overview of how two stores are performing.

  3. Shopify and Facebook Ads dashboard

    This seller’s ecommerce business has a strong focus on Facebook Ads, as the driver of new sales. This dashboard takes data from both the online store (Shopify) as well as Facebook, so the seller has a clear view of the performance of both platforms.

    • Focus area

      Ad performance, revenue

    • Who looks at it?

      Owner, Social Media Manager, Marketing Director

    • How often?


    • ShopifyFacebook Ads

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