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Is your team equipped for unique SaaS challenges?

To grow a SaaS business, you need to learn constantly and make changes, while keeping long-term goals in mind and maintaining a healthy company culture. This is tough for you and your team who have to navigate:

New company goals or OKRs every quarter
Changes to the product
Changes to the team structure
Changes to pricing
Growth experiments to find and maintain product/market fit
Shake-ups ahead of fundraising

Geckoboard’s TV dashboards help SaaS companies adapt day-to-day whilst keeping the bigger picture in mind

  • Focus everyone

    Focus everyone

    Make your most important SaaS metrics visible on a TV dashboard, free of irrelevant data, to focus everyone on the right things.

  • Speed up daily decisions

    Speed up daily decisions

    Help your team learn and adapt by giving them live data at a glance. Instead of digging into tools or waiting around for reports they can spot problems and pounce on opportunities: right now.

  • Keep everyone moving in the right direction

    Keep everyone moving in the right direction

    As the company grows and your goals, KPIs, and overall objectives change, remind your team of the bigger picture and keep everyone on track with a SaaS dashboard.

Easily build custom TV dashboards for your SaaS business with Geckoboard

Pull in any metricYou’ll want to add a mixture of long-term and day-to-day metrics to your dashboard, from MRR to daily subscribers. We make it really easy with over 60 integrations including Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Intercom, Stripe, Spreadsheets, and Databases.

SaaS dashboard data sources

Customize without codingYou can easily build and customize dashboards yourself, so there’s no need for engineering resource. Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to change the layout and swap out goals as things in your business change.

Customizable SaaS business dashboards

Quickly and clearly display on TVGet your dashboard live on TV in minutes. Our clean, simple visualizations can be read from a distance, are easy to absorb, and refresh automatically.

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