SaaS Dashboards - align teams with a TV dashboard

Move in the same directionWhen your company’s growing, get everyone moving in the same direction with a SaaS dashboard. By sharing your key metrics you’ll give everyone a constant reminder of what’s important to the business.

Move in the same direction

Encourage ownershipInspire teams to take ownership, and think more about their goals with a TV dashboard. Whether they’re in marketing, sales, support, product, or engineering, they’ll see how their work impacts on the business.

Encourage ownership

Adapt fasterWhen SaaS metrics aren’t front and center for everyone, things can get missed. With our Saas dashboards, your teams can see the numbers going up and down, react to opportunities and issues in real-time, and keep your metrics healthy.

Adapt faster

Why use Geckoboard's SaaS dashboard software?

  • Quick to set up

    Quick to set up

    Whether you’re a CEO or team leader you can build your first SaaS dashboard in minutes without an engineer or coding. Plus, with over 60 integrations, you can visualize metrics from all your current tools.

  • Prominent metrics

    Prominent metrics

    Display all the metrics you need like churn, MRR, leads, and conversion rates on a TV dashboard, so your team can instantly see business health throughout the customer journey, and prioritize work for the best results.

  • Designed for TV

    Designed for TV

    Get your SaaS dashboard up on TV in seconds, with simple visualizations that can be seen from a distance, and a loop option that lets you cycle through several dashboards on one screen.

See how your peers are using our SaaS dashboards

  • We’re building a culture where we encourage people to communicate regularly about their progress. The Geckoboard dashboard triggers questions and sparks actionable conversations.
    Tom Carrington Smith, Charlie HR
  • I love having Geckoboard on the walls because every time people walk by, they see a live heartbeat of performance. Thanks to that visibility, we can respond faster and more intelligently to whatever comes up. It’s such an easy way to focus your team.
    Mark Myers, G2 Crowd