Revenue Dashboard Example

What is a revenue dashboard?

A revenue dashboard breaks down company revenue so users can see, more clearly, the different factors driving revenue changes.

  1. MRR breakdown dashboard

    This dashboard is tracking MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), a metric which many subscription-based businesses use to provide a normalized, high-level view of their revenue performance. On the line chart in the top left hand corner, we can see the net change to MRR – anything greater than $0 shows growth, whereas anything lower than $0 indicates a shrinkage in overall MRR that month.

    Particularly in SaaS companies, there are many factors that can drive revenue change. This includes acquiring new customers, cancellations, upgrades to a higher-priced plan, downgrades to a lower-priced plan and dormant customers who have reactivated their account. Alongside the Net MRR change figure, this dashboard shows each of these metrics separately, so users are aware of the context behind changes to the primary KPI.

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