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Photo of Paul Joyce, Founder & CEO at Geckoboard
Paul Joyce

Founder & CEO

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What’s this dashboard for?

When your business starts to grow and the founder takes on responsibility for building an organization, it can be hard to stay rooted in the customer experience.

This CEO dashboard complements the early-stage startup dashboard (that keeps us focused on improving core areas of our product). It gives us a more customer-centric view of how different parts of the business are performing.

As well as product usage stats (Retention and Engagement), we’ve got monetization metrics (plus Signup volume) and some key metrics from Customer Support. The aim is to give a glanceable overview of the customer experience and how we’re shaping it.

This dashboard isn’t a substitute for true customer insight, but we wanted it to give us a good idea of our business from the customers’ perspective. To do this, it needed to show metrics from across many different touchpoints, with data from several different sources.

Customer Support data comes from Zendesk, some product data comes from Mixpanel, and the rest is from internal databases and spreadsheets.

When we were smaller, everyone on every team had an intimate understanding of the customer experience. Then, as defined teams formed, and individuals became increasingly specialized in their work, we realized the need for this dashboard.

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when you’re so focused on your job role, so it’s really important to stay in touch with the customer experience.

Our CEO dashboard is an evolved version of our early-stage startup dashboard. It broadened this dashboard out to include data on other parts of the customer experience.

  • It keeps everyone grounded and mindful of the customer experience
  • It stops you from focusing solely on Growth, Revenue, and other inward-facing business metrics

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