SaaS company snapshot dashboard example

Photo of Paul Dorney, CTO and Co-Founder at Silbo
Paul Dorney

CTO and Co-Founder

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What’s this dashboard for?

This dashboard is a snapshot of how different parts of the business are performing. A lot of these metrics exist on our other dashboards, but this one gives us a quick overview of our week. At a glance, we can get an idea about whether things are going well, or falling apart.

Our CEO in particular likes being able to check the dashboard on his mobile, especially when travelling, so he can see how different parts of the business are doing.

This dashboard shows key metrics from our support team, some financials, and a few product success metrics, to give a quick snapshot of the whole business.

  • Support metrics. We display how many openings are yet to be filled on the marketplace, which helps our last mile support team focus on getting these covered
  • Product metrics. Verifications and Assignments are important activity metrics that give us a high level overview of how the month is going
  • Gross Merchandise Value (GMV). This is our top line financial metric, and we’ve broken this down to give detail on who our top customers are, the deals we’re creating and the revenue we’ve closed each quarter

Our team sees a lot of these metrics on different dashboards we’ve got around the office, but we wanted a centralized view of the most important numbers. With this dashboard, we now have key metrics from across different departments in one place that everyone can see.

  • Monitors the health of different parts of the business in one place
  • Gives an overview of company performance, accessible on the road

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