CFO Dashboard Example

What is a CFO dashboard?

A CFO dashboard is used by a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) or Finance Director to maintain a high-level overview of their company’s financial health and overall performance. It supports them as they maintain operational oversight and plan for future eventualities.

  1. Forecast dashboard

    This dashboard is used by the CFO to understand how individual teams (based in different states) are performing against budgeted revenue projections for the year. The total budgeted revenue for the year is $7.579 million and they have so far achieved $6.058 million. (Figures in the dashboard are displayed in multiples of 1000, which is a common practice in accounting).

    In the bottom left corner, we can also see how revenue is tracking against the forecast. Forecasts are created at the start of the financial year and normally updated every quarter. By creating a realistic forecast, a business can better understand if they are ahead or behind budget in relation to where they would expect to be at that time of year.

    In the middle section, the CFO is tracking the performance of individual teams in different states. They are using a dot chart system to flag any teams which are at risk of not hitting their target for the year. Two teams are high risk, and are looking unlikely to reach their target. Finally, on the right, we can see all teams’ current revenue performance as a proportion of their target revenue for the year.

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