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What’s this dashboard for?

This dashboard gives your ecommerce team a clear overview of key financial and website KPIs. It lets you track and analyze core elements of your ecommerce businesses in real time on a day-to-day basis. And this means you can keep an eye on the performance of your online store, without missing out on crucial customer journey and shopping experience events.

To optimize the performance of your ecommerce store, it’s important to have access to useful and actionable data. With a huge variety of metrics you could potentially track, it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve kept this dashboard concise and only included metrics that are key for ecommerce.

A great ecommerce overview dashboard has two streams that are closely linked with each other. Firstly, metrics that are related to the financial side of your ecommerce business. Secondly, data points that show the performance of your online store and the interaction of users with your website.

Commonly used financial metrics that display the health of your business are:

  • Gross Profit Margin (Revenue minus Profit)
  • Average Order Value per (Total Revenue ÷ Total No. of Orders )
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)(Money Spent to Acquire Customers ÷ No. of Customers Acquired)

We recommend arranging these three KPIs in a group, so that you can quickly pick them out amongst your website data.

Next to your financial data, it’s good to group ecommerce and website data together so you can get an instant overview of your visitors’ behavior. Here are some metrics we’d recommend:

  • New and Returning Website Visitors
  • Conversion Rate of ecommerce shop (Number of Conversions ÷ Number of Leads)
  • Cart Abandonment Rate

The data used in this dashboard is pulled from three data sources. All the financial data comes from our spreadsheets and an internal database. The website-related data comes from Google Analytics.

  • Instantly get an overview of your Gross Profit Margin
  • Monitor Cart Abandonment Rate and identify solutions for decreasing it
  • See how much your customers spend on your website on average

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