Sales Competition Dashboard Examples

What is a sales competition dashboard?

A sales competition dashboard provides a real time update of any competitions you are running in your sales team.

Sales competitions (a type of ‘gamification’) are a great way to boost team morale and motivate your team by bringing out their competitive side. Some Sales Managers run regular, rolling competitions like Salesperson of the Month (SOTM). Others bring in one-off competitions when they need to give their team’s morale an extra boost. Whatever the competition, a live dashboard makes sure everyone knows what they have to do (and who they need to beat).

  1. Sales leaderboard

    Perhaps the most common form of sales competition is the basic leaderboard. In the dashboard example above, a team of realtors are responsible for selling properties in a new housing development. In addition to the usual financial incentives for realtors, the team leader has created a sales dashboard to encourage healthy competition between the team. Especially for longer projects, this creates more regular opportunities for recognition. In this case, they have created a Realtor of the Month (ROTM) competition.

  2. Individual performance

    Some sales teams take the competition dashboard one step further, using images and visual elements to create a stronger sense of ownership and competition. In the example above, the sales team is tracking both cumulative and weekly performance. However, they have also devoted a large proportion of the dashboard to highlighting the individual performance of salespeople. The sparklines also help you see how individual performance is changing over time.

  3. The raffle (...or was that putt-putt golf?)

    Not all sales competitions need to be as direct as a sales leaderboard or Sales Person of the Month. Introducing an element of chance can make sales competitions even more engaging. One way to do this is by creating a competition where good performance (such as a sale, a new lead, or even something non-financial like a positive customer review) wins a ticket in a raffle, which is then entered into a prize draw at the end of the week.

    In the dashboard example above, the Sales Manager has taken it one step further. Every sale above $5k wins a golf ball. At the end of the week, the team plays one (office-based) hole of putt-putt golf. The more golf balls you have, the more chances to get a hole-in-one and win the grand prize.

    These competitions might sound slightly over-elaborate. But silly games like these can lift morale and keep a team motivated. And while chance elements (like raffle tickets) still encourage great performance, they mean everyone in the team has a chance to win – even the less experienced guys.

  4. Team A v Team B

    Splitting your salesforce into two and pitting them against each other for a one-off competition is another fun way to shake things up. You can draw teams out of a hat or even assign captains to pick teams, draft-style. As well as challenging your team to approach work in a different way, it involves all members (including more junior members) and gets different people working together.

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