Support Agent Dashboard Examples

What is a support agent dashboard?

A support agent dashboard visualizes the performance of individual Customer Support (CS) agents. This helps create a greater level of personal accountability and encourages a spirit of friendly competition.

Examples of support agent dashboards

  1. Support team leaderboard
  2. Agent dashboard
  1. Support team leaderboard

    This dashboard has been created by the software company, Vend. As well as showing how different teams and individuals are working towards monthly goals, it includes a leaderboard feature, which promotes competition.

    In the words of Jack Harrison-Sherlock, Vend’s Senior Continuous Improvement Lead:

    “We have a sweepstake going between our offices over which team can dominate all areas of our support, so it’s a powerful way to spark a bit of friendly competition. It also improves transparency across all the teams about who’s doing what, and reminds everyone of the goal we’re all contributing to.”

    “The competition this dashboard has created has evolved quite organically. One month we had someone from the Auckland office dominating three of the leaderboards, but they were denied a clean sweep by someone in the London office. This kick-started a bit of rivalry between the teams, starting with a Slack conversation about how one team thought they could beat the other. Eventually everyone decided that if one of the offices could get a clean sweep of all the leaderboards, the losing teams would treat the winning office. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s really motivating the team.

    “Also, before the dashboards, no one really knew anyone in the other offices, and the leaderboards gave everyone a way to make a name for themselves.”

  2. Agent dashboard

    This dashboard is focused on individual performance, and reports on three KPIs for each agent within the team. This is a helpful aid for team leaders who can spot performance issues earlier on, and provide a greater attention to team members who might benefit from extra coaching and support.

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