Sales performance dashboard example

Sales performance dashboard example

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Who is a Sales Performance Dashboard for?

VP of Sales or sales managers.

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Why is a sales performance dashboard useful?

Sales teams are responsible for nurturing and converting opportunities into dollars. Metrics vary based on the business model, but the one metric that is relevant across the board is revenue generated. To hit revenue quotas sales managers need to monitor their team’s performance and prioritise based on trends.

Successful sales teams strike the right balance between generating lucrative opportunities, nurturing leads and closing deals. As a manager, you want to get an overview of the whole pipeline to be able to identify opportunities and risks that will impact future revenue. Tracking the right sales performance metrics will help you gain a better understanding of your sales process. This dashboard tracks revenue and rep activity so you can spot and react to any changes quickly.

If you are just starting out tracking your sales activity, this sales dashboard would be a great start.

How can a sales performance dashboard help you achieve your business goals?

Revenue growth is what all sales teams strive for, but it is a lagging metric that is very dependent on the team’s performance, so it is always a good idea to track it in conjunction with leading indicators like activity metrics to get a better understanding of what’s being done today to generate future revenue. For example:

Scenario 1: Have your revenue and lead to win conversion rate been declining?

Action 1: Review your sales pipeline to identify the bottleneck. If you have a lot of leads, but are struggling to convert them, your team may be overwhelmed. After all, there is a lot of work involved in nurturing and converting leads, so your average sales cycle length may have increased as a consequence. To stabilize things, consider hiring some more sales reps. This should help you speed up the process and generate revenue quicker, as leads are only hot for so long before they become obsolete.

Action 2: Spend some time defining what “qualified leads” looks like and how you will identify them. Then, devise an acquisition strategy to generate more qualified leads. To speed up the process, allocate marketing budget channels that generate qualified leads. It will be useful to track marketing ROI to make sure your investment is in the right areas.

It is equally important to keep an eye on your team's’ efficiency. For example:

Scenario 2: Has your average sale value decreased and the activities per rep increased?

Action 1: It looks like your team is really busy, but they need to focus more effort on high-value leads. Finding the right balance between working on bigger and smaller deals to hit monthly goals is a team effort, you may want to consider re-structuring the team to have some reps focused on larger deals and others on smaller deals.

Action 2: Investigate activities by type. It may be that reps are investing too much time in activities with large volumes of smaller deals. Otherwise, it may be useful to implement sales efficiency training.

Lastly, consider sharing the dashboard with the whole team. Increasing visibility of key metrics will likely improve results. For example:

Scenario 3: Has you Lead Response Time increased and revenue decreased?

Action 1: Check activities per user. If all your team members are working at capacity, you need to hire more agents.

Action 2: Investigate the lead response time per rep. If you have a few reps who are falling behind encourage them to pick up the pace. Placing a TV dashboard in the office could help them track team performance and encourage some healthy competition. You could also think about individual rep dashboards to help them stay on top of their personal goals.

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