Salesforce dashboard example

Why is a Salesforce dashboard useful?

With increased personalization and customer care, online businesses opt for all encompassing customer management systems which bring all business operations under one hood. Salesforce is one these popular services. If you’re looking to build a team dashboard using your Salesforce reports, we’ve got you covered.

Salesforce dashboards come in a variety of styles and you can customize them to focus on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are important to your business.

Here are some examples:

Salesforce Marketing Dashboard Examples Many of our customers also want to build marketing dashboards using Salesforce campaign reports. Using our tool you can also build live TV dashboards from your marketing data in Salesforce reports. On the same dashboard you can visualise key metrics from other marketing tools including Google Analytics, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Buffer, Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords to build a full picture of your marketing data inside and outside of Salesforce. There’s an example marketing dashboard below and a number of different examples here.

Company Dashboards using Salesforce Reports Many customers have built their entire business on Salesforce, and build company Salesforce dashboards using our tool. If you want to do this, simply build reports of your key business metrics in Salesforce and you can begin building dashboard visualizations directly from your reports to keep your team focused on important goals that they are currently blind

Salesforce Goals Dashboard The screenshot you can see above is a sample Salesforce goals dashboard, which is designed to visualize sales goals on a TV in the office so that your sales team can always see where they stand. This dashboard takes key metrics from Salesforce reports and builds visualizations for a TV dashboard. You can simply add goals for the different KPIs so the whole team can track progress against important metrics from Salesforce, and prioritize work to hit them.

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Who is a Salesforce dashboard for?

A sales manager.