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What’s this dashboard for?

This Excel dashboard is for teams who track key metrics in an Excel spreadsheet, but want these metrics to be visible and accessible at a glance.

Excel spreadsheets themselves are a popular way of sharing key business metrics with team members and stakeholders. But using spreadsheets to communicate fast-moving metrics has several major drawbacks:

  • Readers may not know which numbers in the spreadsheet are the most important
  • The design is uninspiring
  • Downloading and opening a spreadsheet takes time and effort
  • By the time people look at the spreadsheet the information may be out of date

In contrast, a wall-mounted Excel dashboard makes important spreadsheet metrics easy for teams to access and understand. And because a dashboard is live, it ensures that important information is seen before it’s out of date.

All the data on this dashboard comes from a single Excel file uploaded to Dropbox. Any saved changes to the Excel file are synced with the dashboard automatically, and this ensures that only up-to-date information is displayed to your team.

  • Transforms metrics in an Excel spreadsheet into a live TV dashboard
  • Makes important numbers engaging and easy to understand
  • Shows progress over time towards a goal

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