CSAT Dashboard Example

What is a CSAT dashboard?

A CSAT dashboard breaks down one of the most important customer support KPIs, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) so teams can better understand how and why it’s changing. A CSAT dashboard is particularly useful for customer support teams who have set long term goals related to CSAT. The dashboard focuses the team’s attention on their progress so far.

  1. CSAT dashboard

    This dashboard pulls its CSAT data from a Customer Service platform, such as Zendesk, used by the team. Here, CSAT is collected via a short survey given to customers after each interaction with the support team.

    The dashboard presents CSAT data in several ways. Firstly, it aggregates overall performance for the month, comparing it with the previous month. In this case, a negative status indicator has triggered because CSAT is below the acceptable level set by the team.

    Next, it presents the individual CSAT scores for each CS agent, in order to create greater accountability for personal targets. Finally, it breaks CSAT down according to the different channels. This can help the team better understand why and how the overall CSAT figure is changing.

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