Google Analytics Dashboard

Make metrics unmissable Google Analytics is out of sight and out of mind for most of your team, so by displaying your metrics on a real-time TV dashboard your team can easily see what’s happening, and decide what actions to take to boost website performance.

Make metrics unmissable

React quicker By the time your team get the Google Analytics report, or dig out the data, it’s too late to react. With our Google Analytics dashboards, your team can glance at trends, goals, events, and e-commerce data, and instantly respond to issues.

React quicker

Trigger conversations Google Analytics is designed for one person looking at the data, but it’s not great for discussion. Get your team talking about their metrics, and brainstorming new experiments to optimize your website, with a Google Analytics dashboard on your TV.

Trigger conversations
  • The simple live visualizations make our business’s most important metrics easily digestible and actionable for everyone and as a direct result of installing live TV visualizations of our most important metrics, the team have managed to improve our website conversion rate by 33% in 6 months.
    Chris Peters, Diggerland USA
  • Since setting up Geckoboard, we’ve increased our organic traffic globally by 10%, while our key markets have grown up to 50%. Our dashboards help us pinpoint the most valuable markets and target areas where we need to improve.
    Linus Larsson, Thule

Key features

  • Everything in one place

    Everything in one place

    See your key Google Analytics metrics on one dashboard, alongside metrics from Hubspot, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords.

  • Clean visualizations

    Clean visualizations

    Use our uncluttered visualizations to help your team understand their data instantly and from a distance.

  • Seamless setup

    Seamless setup

    Get Geckoboard on your TV in seconds using just your laptop, or set it and forget it with our Chrome OS app.

  • Dashboard loops

    Dashboard loops

    Alternate between different dashboards for different sites on one screen with our loop option.