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  • Make business data easy to understand

    You’ve got data - now it’s time to share it with others. Geckoboard helps you streamline data from spreadsheets, databases and other software, and present it in the clearest possible way.

    Visualize business data
  • Surface real-time metrics

    Help your team understand and improve their performance by making real-time metrics easy to see throughout the day. With over 60 integrations, it’s easy to create live dashboards that help your team see the impact of their work instantly and course-correct independently.

    Real-time business dashboards
  • Bring KPIs together

    Keep everyone in your organisation up to speed with what’s going on across the business and show progress towards high-level objectives, with an unmissable summary of key performance indicators and company goals.

    KPI dashboards for teams

At a glance, everyone in our organization can instantly see how we’re doing. And it looks fantastic – large, easy to read, and intuitive!

Mike Johnson
President/COO at Locus Robotics
Photo of Mike Johnson, President/COO at Locus Robotics

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Over 60 data sources No coding required