Product updates

Spark a reaction with Status indicators, revised Goals and Celebrations!

Recently we launched Warnings to help call attention to poorly-performing numbers on your dashboard. But what about when things are going well?

Celebrating numbers that are hitting or exceeding expectations is a powerful way to engage your team with their metrics, recognise hard work and help everyone feel good about what they’re doing. That’s why this week we’re excited to announce a brand new feature called Status indicators and a revamp of our goals on number widgets, that together turn your dashboards into mighty motivational tools that get the most out of your team.

Flag when things are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ with Status indicators

Our new Status indicators allow you to call attention to a number when it is performing above expectations or performing poorly, ideal for those situations when you want the whole team to know a specific number is in a specific state.

Status indicators can be added to any* number widget by clicking the top right of the widget you want to call attention to. Set a Warning when the widget is above or below a certain number, and your widget will turn red - danger!

Set a value for Success when the widget is above or below a certain number and your widget will turn green - yay!


For some metrics (such as your support ticket backlog) you might even want to add both a Warning and a success state to encourage the team to keep a metric within a particular range.

Celebrate success with Celebrations and revamped Goals

We’ve redesigned Goals on our number widgets to create more of a feeling of progression as you edge closer towards your target - great for keeping a team motivated, particularly when working towards longer term objectives. In addition, we’ve given you more control over where your journey towards hitting a goal begins.

Before, your progression against a goal would be measured against zero - not very motivating if you’re trying to improve monthly revenue from $50k to $55k for example. Now though you can set any starting value you like, meaning your progression is more meaningful and much more engaging for your team.


But that’s not all. Hit a goal you’ve set on your number widget and your team will be rewarded with a new celebration animation that calls attention to all your hard work. A great way to recognise a win!


Status indicators, revamped Goals and Celebrations are rolling out this week! ***

Note: Status indicators now replace ‘less than / more than’ goals on some number widgets.

*Spreadsheets widgets currently unsupported, but we’ll roll this out very soon!