Product updates

Added RingCentral data source

We’ve added another new data source - RingCentral! Keep track of your phone support operation throughout the day, by visualising metrics such as:

  • Call volume
  • Missed calls
  • Abandoned calls
  • Total call duration
  • Out of SLA call duration
  • User presence

…and more.

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Added Asana data source

We’ve shipped a brand new Asana data source! If you’re using Asana to manage your team’s work, you can now add data from your Asana projects to your dashboard to keep track of things like:

  • How many tasks were completed today, or over time
  • Lists of tasks, organised by section, approval status or priority
  • Tasks by priority, assignee, due date, completion date and more
  • Number of subtasks
  • and more…

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Added conversation and satisfaction metrics to our Dixa data source

We’ve expanded our Dixa data source to support two new categories of metric:

Satisfaction ratings

  • Number of satisfaction ratings
  • Latest and average satisfaction scores
  • Satisfaction ratings for specific channels and assignees
  • A feed of rating messages, filterable by channel, assignee, rating emoji and more


  • Number of conversations today, or over a time period
  • Number of conversations broken out by channel, assignee, queue, status and more
  • Average conversation duration
  • Conversations per provisioned phone number

Improvements to our GA4 integration

We’ve shipped some improvements to our Google Analytics 4 integration:

  • More dimensions: You can now break GA4 metrics down by more dimensions, including by content group, content type, channel grouping, page path, device, operating system and first session date. We’ve also added several more Google Ads dimensions, including ad group and keyword text, and (much requested) support for a campaign dimension.

  • Metrics and dimensions are now grouped more logically for easier browsing.

Additional metrics for Facebook Ads (now out of Beta)

We’ve made some improvements to our new Facebook Ads data source, and are happy to say we’re bringing it out of beta too 🎉.

Add a Facebook Ads widget now and you’ll see we’ve added highly-requested support for custom conversions, as well as several more standard conversion metrics, including:

  • Number of conversions
  • Canceled subscriptions
  • Contacts
  • Donations
  • Location searches
  • Products customized
  • Recurring subscriptions
  • Appointments scheduled
  • Subscriptions
  • Trials started

We’ve also added the ability to select ‘today’ as a time period and see those metrics update throughout the day.

Ecommerce metrics for GA4

Our Google Analytics 4 data source now supports the full range of ecommerce metrics available in GA4, making it possible to show sales volume, most popular items, checkouts, promotion performance and more on your dashboards 🎉


Facebook Ads beta

ICYMI: we recently shipped a beta version of a new Facebook Ads data source that includes a broader range of metrics, improved filtering options, and grouping functionality, enabling Facebook advertisers to build much richer dashboards with Geckoboard.


You can try the new integration by logging in to Geckoboard and selecting it from our list of data sources. In it you’ll find:

  • All the metrics you’re used to from our older Facebook Ads integrations, plus all-new ROAS metrics and more metrics tracking actions, such as app installs or video views
  • Metrics related to three of Facebook’s standard conversion types (Purchases, Leads and Completed Registrations) - more conversion types are coming soon.
  • Filtering by multiple campaigns, ad sets or ads on one widget (rather than creating separate widgets for each)
  • Grouping by campaign, ad set or ad, making it easier to compare performance between them on one widget
  • Engagement metrics (previously known as “Campaign results”)

For this release, custom conversions are not currently supported, but will be added soon; if you rely on these, our ‘Legacy’ integration will continue to support these for now.

Please let us know if you have any feedback whatsoever - just drop us a line by clicking ‘Help’ whilst logged in, or email