Product updates

Zendesk Sell and Amplitude data sources

We’ve shipped two new data sources:

Zendesk Sell: Monitor your pipeline and track the performance of your sales team, by visualising metrics like value won and lost value by owner, number of deals over time, deals by stage, deals by owner, and more.

Amplitude: Access key performance metrics you’ve set up across your digital products.

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ActiveCampaign, Close and Klaviyo data sources

We’ve shipped three new data sources:

ActiveCampaign: Track the performance of your email campaigns by visualising metrics like email sends, opens, open rate, clicks, forwards, replies and unsubscribes.

Klaviyo: Similarly, if you’re using Klaviyo to send and manage email campaigns, you can now monitor metrics like list size, email opens, number of unsubscribes and marked as spam too.

Close: Keep your sales team motivated and operating efficiently with an up-to-the-minute dashboard that surfaces metrics like leads and opportunities created, emails sent, value won and lost, and more.

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Email snapshots

Today we’re excited to announce we’ve launched one of our most-requested features to date: email snapshots!

Click ‘share’ on any of your dashboards, and you’ll now be able to schedule a screenshot of your dashboard to be automatically emailed out to your contacts, on a schedule of your choice. They don’t have to be Geckoboard users - dashboards can be sent to any valid email address as long as the recipient responds to the confirmation email we’ll send first.


From then on, they’ll receive a snapshot of that dashboard on the days you’ve chosen at the time you’ve specified. Perfect for setting things up for a productive morning, wrapping things up end of day, monthly stakeholder updates, or regularly keeping company-wide goals top of mind.

QuickBooks Online and Help Scout data sources

We’ve just shipped two new data sources:

QuickBooks Online: Keep track of a range of invoice metrics from QuickBooks, including sales, amounts due, paid and overdue invoices and more.

Help Scout: Monitor support productivity metrics from your Help Scout mailboxes throughout the day, including first response time, new conversations, closed conversations, resolved conversations, time to resolution and more.

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Intercom beta: more metrics and improvements

We’ve shipped some improvements for our Intercom data source beta, including the ability to use a tag to filter any metric or break it down to show top tags. We’ve also added 10 new metrics like Conversations replied to, Reassigned conversations, Snoozed conversations, Reopened conversations, and more.

Our Product Manager Helena has made a quick video showing some less obvious tricks to getting more out of your Intercom widgets, covering:

  • Comparing volume to the same date last week (instead of yesterday)
  • Getting hourly data
  • Comparing multiple metrics on one chart
  • Breaking down metrics with group by and split by

You can check it out here.

Intercom data source beta

We’ve shipped a beta of a brand new Intercom integration which includes a whole range of improvements over our existing integration, particularly for support teams.


As well as including new metrics like conversation ratings, first and last close time and assignment times, the new integration also allows you to access historical data; when you connect your Intercom account, Geckoboard will import an initial 31 days of conversation data, which gets added to whilst you have your account connected to Geckoboard.

We’ll be adding more metrics over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, please share any feedback or suggestions you have with the team - we’d love to hear how you get on.

New: Google Analytics 4 data source beta

Now you can visualise data from your Google Analytics 4 properties using our brand new data Google Analytics 4 data source. Our existing Google Analytics data source remains unchanged, but has been renamed to Universal Google Analytics.


Additional metrics and filtering on GA4 metrics is coming soon, but the initial release already includes handy presets for things like new users by medium, new users Vs total users, views per page, engagement time and more.

We’d love to know how you get on - get in touch if you have any feedback to share!

Note: To avoid discrepancies between what you see in GA Vs Geckoboard, please double-check your dashboard’s timezone matches the timezone of your GA property.