Product updates

Single sign-on (SSO)

Geckoboard now supports single sign-on (SSO), making it easier and more secure to manage Geckoboard users within your organization. With SSO enabled on your account, if your organization supports Google, Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure AD (and more) as your identity provider, members of your organization can securely log in to Geckoboard using their work email address by clicking ‘Sign in with SSO’ on our login page.


SSO is available as a custom add-on to your existing Geckoboard plan. Read more about how it works in our documentation here, or contact us to discuss your needs.

Datasets API improvements

We’ve released a number of highly-requested improvements to our Datasets API:

  • Added: Multi-series column charts
  • Added: Support for ‘duration’ field types
  • Added: Ability to delete datasets directly within the Geckoboard UI
  • Added: ‘Last’ aggregation in the Geckoboard UI
  • Improved: Field limit raised from 10 to 20
  • Improved: All field types now support null values

You can find out more information on these changes in our developer docs, which have also been revamped!

Advanced dashboard theming

Customize your dashboards to look and feel just the way you want, with our new Advanced dashboard theming service - available now as a paid add-on to your account.


Working with our team, you can color-coordinate almost every element of your dashboard - from your dashboard’s background, to the color of lines on a line chart. Ideal for aligning your dashboards with your company’s brand, giving individual dashboards their own identity, or simply giving them a bit of a visual refresh.

Want to customize the look and feel of your dashboards? Get in touch and we’ll get back to you to discuss your needs.

Custom logos

Make your dashboards your own with custom logos, available on our Team plan.


To upload a logo, hit ‘Customize’ on your dashboard, and you can upload a custom image that replaces the Geckoboard branding in the bottom left of your dashboard.

100px minimum height, and <2MB recommended.

Make integration

Geckoboard integrates with a wide range of popular business tools to make it easier to pull key metrics into your dashboard, but we know there are useful data sources out there that we haven’t got covered yet.

To make it easier to get data from those sources into Geckoboard, we’ve integrated with Make - a no-code tool that allows you to fetch data from a huge range of services, add filters and functions to customise your data, and then send it to Geckoboard using our Datasets API.

Here’s a simple ‘scenario’ in Make that automatically sends data from Airtable to your dashboard, as an example:


To try this for yourself, sign up to Integromat, create a scenario, and look for Geckoboard in the list of services (here’s some guidance on how to do this). Alternatively, we can set a custom scenario up for you - get in touch to discuss your use case with our team here.

Dashboard Snapshots for Slack

We’ve added a whole new way to share your dashboards with your team, via Slack. Open up the Share menu on any of your dashboards, and you’ll now find the option to schedule a daily screenshot of that dashboard to a Slack channel, at a time of your choosing. Ideal for keeping everyone in sync whilst working remotely!


To schedule a daily snapshot of your dashboard to Slack, you’ll first need to create a Sharing Link. Normally a premium feature, we’ve made Sharing Links free on all accounts until September 2020 as part of our COVID-19 response, so customers on any of our plans can use our new Slack integration to keep sharing important metrics and goals with their colleagues.

Learn more here!

New ChartMogul widgets

We’ve overhauled our ChartMogul data source from the ground up to make more ChartMogul metrics available, provide more options for visualizing them, and to improve data accuracy.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

  • Expanded range of metrics, so you can now visualize the following in Geckoboard:

    • Recurring revenue: ARR, MRR, MRR Contraction, MRR New Business, MRR Churn, MRR Expansion, MRR Reactivation, Net MRR Movement (new)
    • Subscribers: ARPA, ASP, Subscriber Count, LTV (new)
    • Churn: Customer Churn Rate, Net MRR Churn Rate (new)
  • Ability to filter by plan, as well as country

  • New reporting periods, allowing you to show data for today, yesterday, this week, this month, or this quarter, depending on the metric.

  • On our line chart visualization, incomplete time periods are now shown as a dotted line

  • Expanded comparison options that now allow you to compare the current month to same month last year, and the current quarter to same quarter last year.

Performance improvements to Google Sheets widgets

We’ve upgraded our Google Sheets data source, making it a whole lot easier to keep your Google-Sheet-powered widgets up to date. First and foremost, we’ve changed the way we pull in data from a Google Sheet; instead of automatically updating every 15 minutes as before, each widget will now update within three minutes of a change to your spreadsheet.

This applies to all Google Sheets widgets, apart from those that rely on pivot tables or IMPORT functions, such as IMPORTDATA. Those will continue to refresh every 15 minutes, however it’s now no longer necessary to use a script or other workaround to get these to work in Geckoboard. Just set up your widget the way you want it and our automatic refresh will do the rest!