Product updates

Emoji support

Widget titles and units now support emoji! The flags are a concise way of indicating different regions or teams and emotions are a great way of showing customer sentiment. We’re using emoji on a Google Sheets leaderboard to show the status of various items on our backlog.

If you’re on a Mac, the easiest way to add an emoji is to open the keyboard with cmd + ctrl + space, otherwise just copy paste the symbol you’re after from

Geckoboard now supports emoji

Example dataset

We just added a sample dataset, so that anyone can try out our new Datasets feature without writing a single line of code. Check out the powerful widget-building interface by exploring data from our fictitious intergalactic delivery company 🚀


Secondary visualisations on Datasets number widgets

The Number visualisation in Datasets now supports showing a secondary visualisation.

You can show a fixed comparison to the previous value in the series, which is great for focussing on period-over-period improvement. Alternatively, a sparkline allows you to visualise how a metric is trending over time.


Full bleed image widgets

We’ve updated our image widgets so they now fill the entire width of the widget. We’ve also made the widget’s background transparent so if you’re using a .png, .gif or .svg the dashboards colour will show through, making it easier to brand your dashboard!

Image widgets before Image widgets after

More options for Datasets Geck-o-meter

The Datasets Geck-o-meter now supports the same options as the Number visualisation - so you can apply functions such as Sum, Average, Min, and Max, as well as change the field used for ordering.


Developer site for the Datasets API

We’ve given the Datasets API developer site a massive overhaul!

The new site is split into three sections:

  • An overview of how to use Datasets
  • A tutorial to help you quickly set up your first dataset
  • A complete API reference

We hope this will make it much easier to get started using the new API, and would love to hear what you think. Check it out at


Extra image widget sizes

We’ve added some extra size options to our image widget to give you more flexibility over how you layout your dashboard. Extra image sizes

Split a metric into multiple series on Datasets line charts

Our new Split feature allows you to break down a single metric into multiple series.


This gives you more versatility when working with datasets that have more advanced schemas - such as those where you have entries for multiple categories each day.

Fine-tune tab

We’ve moved and renamed the Advanced Settings controls found in our Salesforce and Spreadsheet integrations. Precision, Abbreviation and Unit Controls can now be found in the new Fine-tune tab. This helps us keep the UI simple, and easy to use, as we give you more control over how your visualisations are rendered.

New Fine-tune tab