Audience Churn

What is Audience Churn?

Audience churn calculates how many users you are losing in a certain period of time.

How to calculate Audience Churn?

((#) Users this month - (#) Users in the previous month) - (#) New Users this month = (#) Audience Churn

For example, let’s say a website launches in January and gets 4000 new users. In February, it reaches 5000 total users, 1200 new users. The audience churn in this case is calculated as follows:

(Users in February - Users in January) - New Users in February = Audience Churn

(5000 - 4000) - 1200 = -200


Calculating audience churn can help you gain a better understanding of your website’s audience so that you can adjust your strategy.


Use audience churn to measure the effectiveness of your website layout. Test for revenue vs churn to find the best content to ads ratio.