Brand Recall

What is Brand Recall?

The marketing metric Brand Recall is the percentage of individuals who can recollect your brand. Usually, this percentage is calculated by sending out a survey and measuring the results of the respondents. This more traditional metric can be split into two different types - aided and unaided.

Aided brand recall, also referred to as brand awareness, has a consumer identify your brand from a list of competing brands. Unaided brand recall provides a category for the product or service and the consumer responds with whatever brands come to mind for that category.

How to calculate Brand Recall:

[ (#) survey respondents who correctly identified or suggested your brand / (#) survey respondents ] X 100 = (%) Brand Recall

To calculate Brand Recall, simply divide the number of survey respondents who correctly identified or suggested your brand by the total number of survey respondents. Then multiply the result by 100 to convert it to a percentage.


Brand Recall is a helpful metric for determining the effectiveness of your brand awareness efforts. It’s the best metric for pre-purchase awareness.


The downside to Brand Recall is that it doesn’t actually show purchase intent since awareness doesn’t directly impact purchases. It’s important to track this marketing metric along with key growth metrics so you’re seeing a more complete picture of your marketing efforts.

Relevant Marketing Metrics and KPIs:

If you’re adding Brand Recall to your marketing dashboard, you might want to also consider tracking these related marketing metrics for context.

Industry Benchmarks

Benchmarks are built in for aided brand recall (how many people recognized your competitors compared to your company?), so it’s easy to get customized benchmarks for your company. When you send out an aided brand recall survey, be sure to select competitors at a similar growth stage and obviously with a similar product or service. For example, a startup shouldn’t compare themselves to Coca Cola.

Additional Notes:

Don’t try to use Brand Recall as a leading indicator of growth, but rather as an impact to brand awareness. If your brand recall is quite high (compared to your competitors), you might be able to reduce your investment in brand awareness.