Hires by Month

What is Hires by Month?

This metric tells you the number of hires you have made in any particular month.

How to calculate Hires by Month?

# of hires in each month = Hires by Month

You may also want to calculate the average number of Hires by Month over a period of time:

# of hires in the time period / # of months in the time period = Average number of Hires by Month


For companies that have hiring targets over any set period, this metric will give you a month by month track of the progress you are making against them. For teams doing a lot of hiring across teams this metric can also be more insightful when broken down by department too.

When compared to previous periods of time e.g. now vs. a year ago, it can also help you potentially identify trends such as a seasonality.


As a stand-alone metric this doesn’t won’t tell you much more than whether you’re making hires or not in a given period. For deeper insights into whether your hiring strategy is effective, compare it with other hiring metrics such as Time to Fill and Source of Hire for the same period of time.