New Starters per Month

What is New Starters per Month?

This metric keeps track of your new hires first day on a monthly basis.

How to calculate New Starters per Month?

As a numerical value for a given month:

(#) new hire 1 + (#) new hire 2 + ... + (#) new hire 3 n = (#) New Starters

Another way to show this information is in list form using: New starter name and start date. You may also want to show their job title or department.


Successful onboarding is central to getting a new starter settled as soon as possible. Having a visualisation of this will focus attention and act as a reminder that there are new starters around.

Tracking the number of new starters per month can also help to communicate your recruitment progress with the rest of your team.


If you have a high volume of new starters displaying this information in list form may not be as useful as the numerical value.

While this metric is useful for keeping a pulse on how many new faces there are joining the company it won’t provide any indication to their success within the business. Consider analysing it alongside other metrics such as your New Hire Turnover Rate for richer insight into your onboarding processes.