Pages Viewed per Session

What is Pages Viewed per Session?

Pages Viewed per Session measures how many pages from your knowledge base have users viewed during one session. This gives you a clue about the knowledge base usage, but also about how easy it is for your users to find the right information.

How to calculate Pages Viewed per Session:

To calculate this ratio, you need to track the total number of pages viewed on your knowledge base against the total number of sessions.

(#) of pages viewed / total (#) of sessions = Pages Viewed per Session


Pages Viewed per Session is a good indicator of how frequently and efficiently your knowledge base is being used. If users visit several pages in one session, you may want to investigate the path. If the pages they view are unrelated, it may be an indication that they could not find the right content to solve their problem. You may think about adding related links to ease the user journey. Drilling down into the pages which get the most traffic will also help you understand what the main user pain points are.


If you have recently launched a new feature, it may be possible that the number of submitted tickets will increase. If the number of submitted tickets continues to increase, you may consider adding a new article on your help center about the feature so that users can self-serve.