Passive Candidate Hire Rate

What is Passive Candidate Hire Rate?

This metric indicates how effective your passive candidate hiring strategy is by determining the percentage of Passive Candidate Hires from your total number of hires.

Here, Passive Candidates refer to candidates who’ve entered your hiring pipeline typically as a result of your sourcing efforts, they most likely are not actively searching for roles and in other employment. Candidates who enter your hiring channel themselves (e.g. applied for a role) or are referred are not considered Passive.

How to calculate Passive Candidate Hire Rate?

Make sure you to use data from the same period of time, e.g. one quarter or calendar year. Total # passive candidates hired (during X period) / total # hired (during X period) = Passive Candidate Response Rate

( total # of Passive Candidate Hires / total # of Hires ) * 100 = Passive Candidate Response Rate


Your Passive Candidate Response Rate reflects both on your talent team, and the wider candidate experience. The higher this number, the more likely your strategy for engaging and attracting Passive Candidates is working.


Depending on the volume of hiring you may wish to use this metric for more unique or hard to fill roles, where your talent team can be evaluated for the relationship they build with passive candidates.