Percentage of Active Sellers

What is Percentage of Active Sellers?

This metrics calculates the proportion of sellers who are active. No two marketplaces are the same, so the definition of an active listing may differ based on your business needs and specificity.

How to calculate Percentage of Active Sellers?

For this calculation, an active seller is a seller who added a new listing in the last 30 days. If there are any other circumstances which make your marketplace unique, tweak the definition accordingly and use the following formula:

# of active sellers / # of sellers = (%) Percentage of Active Sellers


When you are on a mission to grow your marketplace, tracking seller volume alone just doesn’t cut it. Monitoring active sellers will help identify potentially problematic areas and inform strategy so that you can carry on planning your growth.


Consider tracking the percentage of active listings and engaged buyers, as well as revenue per seller in order to get a better understanding of the profitability of your online marketplace.