Social Media Mentions

What are Social Media Mentions?

Social Media Mentions are a measure of how many times your brand name has been mentioned on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How to calculate Social Media Mentions:

Social Media Mentions are calculated as the volume of mentions of your brand on social media channels over a given period of time e.g. month or quarter. You can use a social media monitoring tool such as or HootSuite to track online mentions.


Social Media Mentions is a good leading indicator of how your social media efforts are likely to impact overall brand awareness. The thinking is that the more mentions of your brand there are on social media the higher the awareness of your brand is going to be, often measured by Brand Recall.


Not all social media mentions are created equal. People who mention your brand on social media may have very small or irrelevant followings for your target market. This may mean that some mentions of your brand on social media have less impact on brand awareness. A solution may be to only measure social media brand mentions from a predefined list of important influencers.

Tracking social media mentions is harder if your brand name is a popular term. For example, if you had an automated reading tool called “Reader”, tracking mentions of the term “Reader” would return lots of mentions that were completely unrelated to your brand. However, if you added an additional keyword filter for “automated reading” you will be able to narrow mentions more specifically to your brand.