Time to Fill

What is Time to Fill?

Time to Fill measures the amount of time it takes to fill a position.

How to calculate Time to Fill:

Time to fill represents the calendar days until your company fills a position. To count those days, first define the time period you will be measuring. For example, your starting point could be the moment you post the job on your careers page and share it with recruiters or when the hiring manager approves the job description.

Use the following formula to calculate time to fill for a given period of time:

( Time to Fill position 1 + Time to Fill position 2 + ... + Time to Fill position n ) / # of roles recruited for in that time period = Time to Fill

For example, if you hired for three roles, with 30, 40 and 50 days time to fill respectively, then your average time to fill is (30+40+50)/3 = 40 days. This calculation should refer to the same time period.


Tracking Time to Fill helps you plan your recruitment activity better and also serves as a warning sign when your hiring process takes too long.


If you have positions that are always open, don’t include them in your time to fill calculations. These positions will skew your average time to fill without reflecting the efficiency of your hiring process. If your time to fill is too long, look at breaking it down per hiring stage. You may find you only need to optimize for one stage, rather than plan a full recruitment process overhaul.