Pirate Metrics (AARRR) dashboard example

Photo of Nick Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Geckoboard
Nick Smith

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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What’s this dashboard for?

The pirate metrics framework is a simple way for early stage startups to focus their attention on the areas of their business that are key to growth. The name “Pirate Metrics” comes from the acronym “AARRR”, which covers each of these core areas: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue.

This dashboard summarizes key metrics from each part of the customer journey, so the whole team can understand at a glance how the business is performing across different areas.

The metrics on this dashboard touch upon all parts of the AARRR funnel. For us at Geckoboard, the pirate metrics we’re tracking look something like:

  • Acquisition: Sessions on our website, and Signups (from Google Analytics)
  • Activation: Conversion Rates for key parts of the user journey from signup (from Mixpanel)
  • Retention: Retention Rate after two weeks in trial (from Mixpanel)
  • Referral: Net Promoter Score (from Delighted)
  • Revenue: Monthly Revenue (from our database)

As our team has grown, we’ve been keen to maintain the transparency and awareness we enjoyed so easily when our headcount was in single figures. For this reason, we have several dashboards dedicated to giving a high-level overview of our company’s performance. And we’ve found these particularly useful when we’re focusing on moving bottom line metrics like MRR.

As we’ve developed a deeper understanding of how our product is being used, we’ve refined our activation metrics. Apart from these, this dashboard has remained relatively unchanged since we first created it.

  • Helps you monitor key stages of the customer lifecycle in one view
  • Pinpoints areas to focus on in the medium term, to help you achieve better bottom-line results

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