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What’s this dashboard for?

It’s no secret that sales teams are driven by numbers. The challenge for teams is that those numbers are often stuck in a clunky analytics package, slow report, or on a whiteboard in the corner of the office that needs updating every time someone makes a sale.

This sales dashboard example is designed to surface some headline metrics a sales team is interested in. It shows them their progress towards targets in real time, whilst helping them maintain a healthy pipeline and stay motivated.

All the information on this sales dashboard example comes from Salesforce reports.

The most obvious metrics are the team’s Revenue targets for both the month and the quarter. Everyone in the sales team contributes to these targets, so they take pride of place on the dashboard, with a progress bar to give the team a buzz as they close deals.

Alongside this is a real-time view of the team’s current pipeline, showing the number of prospects and leads at each stage of the funnel. Together, these metrics give the team a sense of whether they’re on track to reach their targets or not. They also show individuals their contribution to the wider shared goal.

Other metrics on the dashboard are geared towards boosting motivation by encouraging some healthy competition. A live leaderboard shows everyone’s position for the current period by Sales Closed. This brings out the team’s naturally competitive spirit, but also allows new joiners or underperformers to see what their colleagues are achieving and figure out how to emulate their performance.

To help call out other exceptional performances, the dashboard also shows the top deal of the month and its owner. Again, very useful for boosting motivation and for showing the wider team what’s possible.

  • Surfaces headline revenue metrics
  • Shows real-time progression towards targets
  • Maintains a healthy pipeline
  • Encourages friendly competition
  • Boosts motivation

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