Social media monitoring dashboard example

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Nils Herrmann

Acquisition Manager

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What’s this dashboard for?

This dashboard gives us a summary of key metrics from our social media activities to help us grow our following over time. We also use our dashboard to share mentions of our brand with the rest of the company, so everyone can see what our customers are saying about us.

We’re focused on growing our Twitter following, so Follower Count features prominently on our dashboard to show our progress towards our objective of 10,000 followers this quarter. This pulls directly from Twitter, as does the feed of tweets that mention our brand. I added the second information so we can see if there are any conversations we should join.

As well as Twitter mentions, I’ve added a feed of brand mentions from other channels, powered by Mention. These show us what people are saying about us, and give us a heads-up if there are any interesting opportunities for backlinks or collaborations.

Finally, there’s a group of metrics that reflect how visitors via social media behave once they’re on our site, and these give a reality check. There’s no point growing our social following if that doesn’t result in traffic, and ultimately signups. So, I’ve added some simple visualizations using Google Analytics data to show how much traffic we’ve generated for certain landing pages via social. I’ve also added Signups Via Social, and we have a live traffic indicator that flags any spikes in Traffic Via Social.

We decided to invest time into building our social media presence, to help us understand how we might optimize it as an acquisition channel. We soon realized that we needed a dashboard to show our progress towards our long-term goal (building our Twitter following to 10,000 followers), along with a real-time view of anything interesting we may want to react to.

The main change we’ve made is adding some health metrics (Traffic and Signups via social channels). These “keep us honest” and remind us that we’re not just chasing follows for the sake of it.

  • Tracks progress towards a target number of followers on social media
  • Monitors Brand Mentions in real time
  • Shows Signups throughout the month
  • Monitors Traffic via social in real time

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